How to Make Damiana Tea – Step By Step Guide!


How to make damiana tea can be real easy if you know what to do. I was so shocked when I first saw the recipe on damiana tea preparation.

I have read many articles about damiana extracts and its many wonderful uses. This is an herb that has been used by millions of people for hundreds of years.

It is also one herb that has over ten benefits for both men and women. Naturally, I assumed that making herbal tea from this extract will be a complex process. I thought I would also have to add so many things to make the tea more effective.

I was also surprised when I took the first sip after making my tea.

There are quite a few damiana tea recipes online and I had read many articles where people were advised to add some honey to make the tea a bit sweeter.

I actually found out that the tea has a bitter taste but it’s not that awful.

how to make damiana tea
Below are the steps on how to make damiana tea

I drank my first cup without any additives and that’s the same way I have been drinking my damiana extract tea through the years.

Before you learn how to make damiana tea, it’s nice to start by first familiarizing yourself with the benefits of damiana extract. You will be more enthusiastic and committed to drinking your tea once you know what you stand to gain from this.

Compared to the other forms of ingesting this herbal extract, the tea is the one that has the mildest effects on the user.

Some benefits of drinking damiana extract herbal tea:

  • This herbal tea is used to increase libido.
  • It also improves digestion and gets rid of mild cases of constipation.

  • Women also drink this tea to help get rid of the symptoms of menstruation and menopause. However, hormone support for her which also contains damiana extract is said to be the most effective method of dealing with these symptoms.
  • It is also said that damiana extract can also be a stress and pain reliever due to some of its properties.

Here is the damiana tea recipe and process on how to make damiana tea:

  • The first step is to ensure that you have all your ingredients. You obviously can’t get started until you have the damiana extract leaf with you. You will also need water and cooking containers that can be used for boiling. If you prefer sweet herbal tea, get some honey or sugar to add to the taste of your tea.
  • The second step is to measure the extract that you want to use. Remember, you shouldn’t use too much of the extract since this can easily bring you complications. Once you have taken measurement of a maximum of 4g of the extract then put this in the container that you will use for boiling. You should then add a cup of water in the container. You should then boil the herbs for an hour.

There are also people who prefer to first boil the water rather than boil the herbs. They first boil the water and once it’s very hot they pour it into the container that has the herbs and lets this sit for about half an hour.

Whichever option you choose to use in how to make damiana tea will work. Use a filter to remove the residue of the extract. You can then add your honey at this point to make your tea tastier.

So go ahead and make yourself a lovely cup of damiana tea today using this simple damiana tea recipe.

Remember, for stronger and more effective effects of damiana extract, hormone support for her is a great choice.

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