Red Clover and Black Cohosh – Which Is The Better HRT Alternative?


Red clover and black cohosh, ever wondered which one of these two is the better alternative to HRT? They sure are and the best ones are red clover and black cohosh.

Who says the menopause symptoms are invincible, and that hard therapies are all that works?

The first association, when it comes to menopause, is usually Hormone Replacement Therapy, and its major part is to replace the estrogen that your ovaries don’t produce anymore.Red-Clover-and-Black-Cohosh image

However, this therapy can be very hard to handle, and most of the women the treatment right after they started it, due to the many side effects one can actually get by getting HRT.

But, what other alternatives do you have?

Nature can be helpful one more time, and in this case, two herbs that are widely used to treat menopausal symptoms are red clover and black cohosh.

Besides, you must think about everyday habits and how they affect your new way of living.

Here are some things you can do to get maximum relieve from menopause in just a few simple steps:

  • Lifestyle – Those uncomfortable flashes and night sweats can be drastically reduced if you stick to certain types of food. On the other side, some studies have shown that women, who are more physically active, usually feel less symptoms of menopause. No one can guarantee that changes are possible, but you can always try, at least to improve health.
  • Remedies and supplements – The red clover and black cohosh are very important part of most of the remedies, and some of them, you can even make yourself like red clover tea. Even though, you should be careful not to get to much of red clover or black cohosh as serious side effects may take place. They both take care of hot flashes, anxiety, and even have high effects on some more serious health conditions.

When it comes to supplements, you need a product that will be safe and efficient at the same time; with hormone support for her, you’ll have it all.

Image for Xtend-Life - hormone support for her

With the combination of Dong Quai extract how to, red clover, calcium, magnesium, L-histidine and other helpful herb extracts and vitamins, you can get maximum relieve in just a couple of days.

  • Other treatments – Actually, each symptom has its particular treatment that must not include HRT. For example, there are different vaginal lubricants for vaginal dryness; preventing osteoporosis includes exercising, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes; the testosterone treatments may reduce the lack of sexual desire, and so on. The point is, there is always an alternative, and all you have to do is choose what’s best for you, and what doesn’t have side effects.

However taking other medication for each symptom means that you will have to drink a lot of capsules a day to get relieve. I don’t think that all these pills can be good for you! You need something that can take care of all the symptoms all in one.

And a perfect product I personally use is hormone support for her as it relieves all the dreadful symptoms you may experience during menopause by only drinking 3 capsules a day.

Hormone support for her does not include black cohosh in their ingredients. Learn why menopause and black cohosh does not go hand in hand and why black cohosh is not your best option.

With a regular red clover and black cohosh use, your life can be normal soon. The use of red clover is even more important as black cohosh, and that’s why you can find it in hormone support for her; only one product, but for all the menopause problems you can think of.

Besides, no matter how natural some remedies may seem, they still have contraindications if you don’t use the correct dosage or over uses a natural herb.

So stick to approved Xtend-life supplements that can be nothing but helpful and efficient.

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