Red Clover Benefits – Discover the Benefits and How It can Help You in a Variety of Ways


Red clover benefits almost everyone that has some sort of an illness. Before you use any red clover product please consult your Doctor.

Have you ever wondered why people use this herb and what the benefits are?

Red clover has been known to have various benefits to certain health conditions and I will explain the benefits in detail.Red-Clover-Benefits image

This herb main uses are for women issues but recent studies shows that red clover benefits men as well.

Red clover contains isoflavones which can be found in a variety of plants. This stimulate the estrogen levels meaning when you for example go through menopause your estrogen levels are lowered so isoflavones helps restore your body’s estrogen level.

Red clover benefits cows and sheep that graze on areas that have a large concentration of the plant.

This prompted scientist to become more knowledgeable in where the red clover plant originated and whether it could possibly benefit humans if it were implemented in their diet on a more frequent basis.

Red Clover Benefits:

  • Menopausal Symptoms: Are you struggling with menopause symptoms and getting real tired of it? Well I have a great solution for you it’s called hormone support for her and this product contain red clover extract which benefits or treat hot flashes, mood swings, and osteoporosis. When using red clover in conjunction with other herbal plants such as Dong Quai and Sarsaparilla extract… you won’t believe the effect it have on women during menopause.

So why not try hormone support for her today and see the amazing results for yourself!

  • Along the same lines there are studies which show that red clover may limit the amount of miscarriages in a woman.

  • Red clover also benefits by creating three liver enzymes necessary to maintain the organ. The extract has been used to treat inflammatory bowel disease and weakened immune systems because of its diuretic and blood cleansing properties. It also boosts the immune system.
  • Other than creating opportunities in relief for women, the red clover plant is known to contain a natural blood thinner, Coumarin, which may be helped to relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Also used to treat health disorders like, breast tenderness, stomach and ovaries.
  • The special therapeutic benefits of red clover are also used to treat some forms of cancer. The red clover and cancer has shown to decrease the possibility that tumors in the body will form, as it contains the powerful antioxidant Tocopherol, a known anti-tumour compound.

It alleviates the function of tumor causing antigen in the male body and over a period of one year, it can naturally rebuild the health of the prostate by 33%.

If you already have cancer I would strongly advise you to talk to your GP before using red clover supplements.

  • Fertility: This herb is extremely effective for men and women fertility and you should use it up until conception. However it is not advised to use during pregnancy.
  • When red clover is applied to the skin, its benefits are almost immediately visible. It is often being used to treat common skin disorders and infections that include and aren’t limited to psoriasis and inflammation.
  • Increases bone mineral density, benefiting women suffering from post menopause.

These are the basic uses for this plant and as you can see that red clover benefits almost any health condition.

Aside from these benefits red clover has a measurable amount of other vitamins and nutrients and can act as a natural supplement for magnesium, niacin, calcium, thiamine, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

This plant has many benefits but it is also advisable to know the red clover extract side effects.

In order to get the full benefits of red clover it is very important to find a product that contains the full standardized herbal extract, to ensure that a certain product is manufactured under strict compliance of GMP rules.

A well known product is hormone support for her and this product works well when combined with Total Balance.

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