Valerian Root Extract for Children – Discover What This Amazing Flower Can Do For Your Children’s Health


You might ask yourself is valerian safe for children? Valerian root extract for children can help children with insomnia and also relieve stomach aches.

Ever wondered how valerian root extract for children can improve your child’s health and fitness? Using Valerian root kids can sleep better and help with anxiety.

Valerian root for children is used to treat a variety of illnesses including stress and depression. Valerian root tea for kids are really beneficial.

A little bit of information on the valerian flower:

Valerian Root Extract for Children - Valerian Flower image
Valerian Root Extract for Children – Valerian Flower

The valerian flower comes mostly from Europe and parts of Asia but are also grown in North America and it botanical names are Valeriana Officinalis, garden valerian and all-heal.

It is a flower that has pink or white blossoms, which is very beautiful during summer months.

Valerian root tea for kids have been used for centuries to treat insomnia. It is also said that it relieves stomachs and nervousness.

The greatest benefit of using Valerian root extract for children is reducing insomnia, restlessness or trouble falling to sleep.

This can be real helpful if you have a hyper active child. Dealing with children that does not want to go to bed can make the parents real tired.

Therefore I usually recommend Neuro natural serenity to the parents as well.

I, my husband and my child are taking this supplement and you wouldn’t believe the improvement in our sleep especially in my child sleep.

It is said that children should not take any supplements what so ever but valerian for children can help children in a variety of ways.

Valerian root extract for children can be used for children 12 years and up. This is usually the time they start to stress and life can throw them all sides.

What is the correct dosage to take and when should it be taken?

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It is recommended that children or adults should not take more that 15 grams daily of this plant, as it can cause some serious side effects which maybe harmful.

Valerian root exract for kids should be taken in a dosage of 150mg to 250 mg.
Adults: 300 – 500 mg of this extract.

The dosage should be taken just before bedtime. The dosage really all depends on what preparation you take.

When you exceed the amount of valerian extract, it can cause side effects, therefore I recommend taking supplements or capsules instead of tinctures and powders.

The reason for this is, with supplements you get the right amount of this ingredient and don’t have to worry about aver dosage. When using tinctures and powders there are always a possibility that you could over use this product.

The safest way for me is most definitely supplements. I recommend taking Neuro-Natural Serenity.

It includes 2 mg valerian root extract combined with other helpful and natural ingredients to get the best results.

It is recommended for adults and children above the age of 12 but you may give it to your younger child and just reduce the dosage.

Click here to see the dosage of neuro-natural serenity for children so you don’t have to ask yourself is valerian root safe for children.

Do yourself a favor and get your family neuro natural serenity and see the improvements for yourself.

You won’t regret it! Valerian root extract for kids is defnitely worth your time and money as you will not regret giving your children peaceful sleep at night.

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